Oil and Gas Services

Over the last four decades Southeast Land Services has expanded into a multi-faceted, fully comprehensive land service company. We have participated in the many diversified phases of oil and gas land work including: lease and right-of-way acquisitions, surface damage negotiations, cursory and certified title, abstracting, curative, due diligence, GIS services, and much more. Through our relationships with leading industry professionals and our established contract staff of attorneys, land agents, and IT specialists, we have the experience and dedication to excel at any land task necessary for the exploration and development of oil and gas resources.


From detailed land reports to simple ownership statements, our title searches and reporting formats are specifically tailored to reflect the distinct need of each client.


Our lease acquisition and review processes ensure that acreage is purchased quickly, efficiently, and accurately. We always reach our unitization goals, successfully meeting our acreage requirements and surpassing industry standards and expectations.


Our abstract compilation and submittal process uses innovative technologies and seasoned experts to significantly decrease paperwork, increase accuracy, and effortlessly process order sizes ranging from single tracts to entire counties.


With both licensed attorneys and experienced land professionals, our curative department uses a team-oriented approach and a prospect-specific database to facilitate communication, eliminate duplication, and ensure our client’s drilling operations continue uninterrupted.

Right of Way

We have extensive experience securing easements for oil and natural gas production while thoughtfully balancing the requirements of the client with those of the landowners in order to achieve workable solutions for the benefit of both.


Our cross-platform information technologies offer seamless compatibility with multiple client systems in order to create cost-benefits through increased efficiencies and allow for rapid response in competitive environments.


The vast experience and professional network that we have developed throughout the oil and gas industry allow us to offer valuable advice regarding current or future prospects.